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As of February 2020, Nicole Millard Photo has rebranded to Nikki Jones Studio!

After nearly five years of crafting creative images for a variety of clients on-location throughout the Greater Toronto Area, I will be opening the doors of my very own home studio in Schomberg, Ontario. This space will include both a clean and bright stylized location setting for editorial and intimate portrait work, as well as a traditional studio setting for our classic minimalist portraits and product photography. I am so thrilled to bring this creative space to my community and better serve clients with a bolder - more badass - body of photographic work.

The Nikki Jones Studio experience is a complete and utter celebration of the wild and free-spirited nature that lives within us all. These thoughtfully crafted images serve as timeless mementos of your life - a beautiful gift for loved ones and future generations to treasure.

More me, photography is a way of taking control of our self-image; embracing all the beautiful, intricate details of who we are, and transforming ourselves into a work of art that lives forever.

Nikki Jones Studio will help you to become legendary.

I can’t wait to work with you all.

Love & Gratitude,

Nikki Jones

  • Nikki Jones

Mother's Day weekend is here so treat mom EXTRA special over the next couple days!

If you live in the Greater Toronto Area, make sure to visit Coup de Foudre in Aurora on Saturday, May 12th where we will be hosting FREE Pop-up Mom and Me Photoshoots and gifting every guest with generational portraits to treasure long after Sunday Brunch is over. Bring your mom, aunt, grandma, or your kids if you're a mom yourself; enjoy some complimentary treats, coffee, and photos! (Details below).


I wanted to use this special occasion to connect moms (and future moms) through their stories and experiences. The point being to remind ALL mother's that you're strong, inspirational, and you're doing great no matter how you choose to mom. Sharing life, laughter, tears, and successes so we can all be a little less hard on ourselves and the women who raised us.

The following quotes are from real mothers sharing their best tips, advice, and experiences. For the sake of anonymity, the following images for this post are stock and not the actual women who have chosen to participate.

Thank you to all the empowered moms who share their survival secrets.


Photo by Echo Grid on Unsplash

"When you’ve just got home and your family will start walking through the door expecting dinner in 5 minutes, throw a chopped onion in a pan and start sautéing. As they come in the door, people will immediately say, 'mmmmm, something smells good' and think you’ve got things under control."

"If having a rough day, of the kids are cranky or fussing; when all else fails, put them in the bath!!!! One or two or 5 ( if they can all fit lol ) everyone loves a nice warm bubble bath including little babes! I swear it works! It’s like a restart or reset button to the day!"

"After getting her blanket, pillow, drink, snack and TV show on, I'm pretty sure my toddler just looked at me and mouthed the words 'I own you'."

"One thing I learnt is as soon as you have your baby they aren't the same as you or your partner or what you expect them to be they are totally their own person and its important for them to grow as their own person. For example J and I played hockey and our oldest daughter seems to think she's a real princess & inspires to be a dancer which is so amazing to me."

Photo by Guille Pozzi on Unsplash

"Always trust your gut and stay away from mom groups and google. All they do is make you overthink everything immediately and cause a downward spiral of stress you will get yourself caught in. If you’re ever worried, take a second and breathe and then call your mother or your grandmother. They have the best advice."

"Be kind to yourself no matter how prepared you are. You’re never prepared enough when you become a new mom."

"You will make mistakes and the best way to teach your children humility, forgiveness, and acceptance is to be willing to kneel down eye-to-eye look at your child and say 'I’m sorry mommy made a mistake will you forgive me'. - It teaches them that it is OK to make a mistake to admit you made it and own it, and it teaches them that there is forgiveness to be received when you own your mistakes. Teaching your children how to apologize teaches them humility."

"One of my personal favourites (that is definitely controversial) is I take advantage of Starbucks mobile order and leave my kids in the car while I go in and grab my coffee -- kids unattended in the (locked) car for 30 seconds. *insert horrified emoji here*. ;)"

"Spending time one on one is SO important. I’ve been taking M for breakfast on the weekends and I feel like we’ve actually have a better relationship. I know it sounds so silly cause she’s only 2. However, she tells me stories, I find out more things about her growing personality every time, and see a whole different side of the sweet little lady she is becoming! I honestly look forward to our weekly one hour dates! It’s the BEST!"

Photo by London Scout on Unsplash

"Use pull-ups long before they are potty trained, it's much easier when your kid is a monkey and doesn't want to lay down to be changed."

"My number one is...follow your own instincts! Especially in the field of medicine. If you're not in agreement with a docs opinion remember, it's JUST an opinion. Get a second and third or fourth if need be till you're comfortable. You know your child best."

"I think its important for all new moms to remember that every baby is different and not to get discouraged about what they say your kids should be doing at every age as your child will never be the same as any other child. They all grow and learn at their own pace and they all of their own strengths and weaknesses."

"Place baby treats strategically in a trail around the living room to keep them busy so you can get shit done."

"I went from loving sleep to new mom life to two babies. Which then turned into bedtime for me and kids at 8pm and up at 7 am sharp its go time everyday (cook breakfast, clean bums, clean clothes etc. ) Everyday is exhausting and it defiantly took time to adjust. I now find trying to get a quick workout in everyday and eating healthy is so important for me and my family it helps me get through everyday and find that extra bit of energy. "

"Be brave."

Photo by Alex Pasarelu on Unsplash

"Give freely and not only let your children see it but involve them.   It doesn’t have to mean giving money, you could donate your time or your money to a charity volunteer at the food bank. There are endless ways you could get involved in your community to make a difference; and your children can participate as well that they learn the art of showing others respectful grace in kindness and generosity"

""This Too Shall Pass ...

I live by this phrase. Hard days, sleepless nights, crying, screaming, tantrums and all. Enjoying all the moments because... This Too Shall Pass."

"As I am still learning myself, with a 4 year old, 7 month old and pregnant I can’t say I haven’t lost my cool more then my fair share of times. Just always remember that it doesn’t make you a bad mom. You’re allowed to snap on occasion. And the dishes can always wait one more day. Oh, and make sure you keep some chocolate hidden all over the house for when you need it."

"Use cornmeal as 'sand' in a sensory bin. It's edible if they eat it."

"Raising babies toddlers and young humans is the hardest job on the planet so when you deal with them never speak irrationally or in anger.  Take a moment to think or process, and never promised or threaten anything you’re not 100% prepared to follow through on."

"Always take the time to tell your children you love them and that they can be, do, and have anything they dream."

Photo by Marissa Price on Unsplash

To mothers everywhere, Happy Mother's Day.

Love, Light, & Gratitude,


  • Nikki Jones

Today is my mom's birthday.

I was going to blog about all moms today in anticipation for Mother's Day, but it's just going to have to wait a week because today is MY mother's day.

I wanted to create a blog that summed up just how magical and important she is in my life (and my sister's and my father's).

Mothers play this huge role in many of our lives being the backbone of their families. In many homes they serve as the gatekeepers of nutrition, education, and set an example for how we treat others. They are creators of life, nurturers of dreams, and seem to know the best remedies for everything that ails us from mosquito bites to diarrhea. Mom's are unicorns.

But as I sat down to compose this post, I really couldn't find the right way to summarize exactly what my mother means to me. She makes me feel special, encourages my crazy ambitions (even the ones that people just don't get), and is fully my biggest fan. She's my favourite person to shop with, share recipes with, and celebrate successes with.

Still. These words aren't enough to articulate how strong, empowering, and life changing my mother is. I've been sitting here racking my brain and that's when I realized that I should probably not be spending my time writing about how much I love my mom.. I should just go show her.

So we're cutting this blog short. I'm out of here to go make some yummy Mexican food. My mom's only request today.

Take this opportunity to pick up the phone and call someone who makes you feel like you can do anything. Tell them how important they are to you, shine a big bright, warm light into their day, and mirror just a little bit of that goodness that they bring into your life.

Love, Light, & Gratitude,


Ps. Next week I will be sharing insights from other mothers; tips, hacks, stories, and honesty on all things "mom-ing". Please send yours to n.millard@hotmail.com - all submissions will be annonymous. The goal is to share a little love between mom's this Mother's Day and create a space of sharing, support, and silliness.






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