October 19, 2020

Take Photos You Freaking Love Already

DIY, Photography

If you want to take better photographs, this blog is for you.

Photography shows the world who we are. It influences how we are seen and remembered.

It is both a celebration of our lives and our legacy after death.

Photographs are how we immortalize meaningful moments, people, experiences, and relationships in a way that nothing else can.

It is so important that we have images we love that represent us; photos that not only tell our stories, and capture our unique spirit, but are also visually beautiful to look at.

I get it, we can't possibly all have the time, energy, and money to hunt down and hire the perfect photographer for every single vacation, family gathering, or precious moment in our lives. The magic of life is happening all around you all the time - your baby's first smile, waking up with your love the morning after your wedding, holding your grandma's hand for the last time, that solo canoe trip where you found yourself while alone in the woods. It all deserves to be beautifully captured and remembered, and you probably won't always have a professional handy to capture it for you. You need the tools and tricks to create them yourself - And I'm going to help you do that.

Whether you're an aspiring-to-be-professional photographer, a mother taking photographs of her family, a business owner needing product shots that will sell their goods, or just a person who wants to have better photos of their life - I'm creating this blog for you.

In 2015 I graduated from Humber College's Creative Photography program with an Honours diploma, and a passion for bold, beautiful imagery. In all the years since, I have spent countless hours watching tutorials, taking courses, attending workshops, and shooting shooting shooting, to continually improve my work.

In this blog, I will share my years of expertise, various industry tools and tips, and all the best shooting and editing advice to elevate your image-taking abilities.

We'll talk design and composition, shaping light, posing, styling, post-production, equipment, and anything else you need to craft photographs you LOVE!

You too can take the kind of photographs that are worth printing and won't just live and die in your phone.

All you will need is a camera (ie. your phone), and some light (ie. the sun) and you do this!

Photographs are how we live forever. You deserve to have some kick ass visual mementos of your life.

I hope you give yourself this powerful gift, and follow along!

Love & Gratitude,

Nikki Jones