• Nikki Jones

But What Will I Wear?!

The first thing clients ask me when booking a beauty or intimate portrait session is "what do I wear?"

The most important thing for ANY photoshoot, is that you feel confident!

Always bring the items from your closet you love the most, regardless if you think they're hot or not. Trust me, when you get into the shoot and really start feeling yourself, we can make aaaaanything look insanely good. From you boyfriend's team jersey to those old ripped jeans, if you love them you're going to LOOK good in them because you FEEL good in them. I want you to be yourself; however that looks and feels. Intimate portraits are about capturing the raw & real you.

If you're slightly overwhelmed here are some staples that ALWAYS kill:

- Thigh-high pantyhose. I mean, come on. Hot.

- Bodysuits. Versatile and can be paired wonderfully withs so many other pieces.

- Solid set of black lingerie. Black photographs beautifully on all skin tones and looks wonderful in black and white. Once you have that packed, get more exciting with coloured sets! Red, Cobalt Blue, White...

- Heels. I recommend something over 3 inches. Why? Legs, legs, legs, and booty. (Bare feet or converse sneakers can be super hot too though. So no heels? No problem). If you can, avoid ankle boots, they'll shorten the lines of your legs in photos.

- Personal items. Got a pair of cowboy boots that you LOVE? A wide brim had that makes you feel rich and mysterious? The cardigan you wore on your first date with your hubby? The more personal the wardrobe, the more you will love your photos for years to come.

Not ready to go too risqué for your first shoot? Plenty of women prefer to do a beauty or glamour style shoot fully clothed. I shoot that too and it's awesome! It shows your femininity, sensuality, and beauty. Bring your favourite little black dress, a gown, lace anything, a silky robe, or even an oversized sweater. You are a fearless female and we will capture that regardless of the amount of skin you choose to show.

When in doubt, bring it. I would LOVE to raid your closet with you. So always feel free to bring "too much" to your shoot. Variety is spicy.

Some labels I love:

Fortnight Lingerie

(image courtesy of @fortnightlabel on instagram)

Loulette Lingerie

(images courtesy of @loulettelingerie on instagram)

Lonely Label

(image courtesy of @lonelylingerie on instagram)

For Love and Lemons

(images courtesy forloveandlemons.com)

Agent Provocateur

(images courtesy agentprovocateur.com)

I absolutely LOVE lingerie.

It's fashion and sexuality. It's like wearing a super hot secret under your office attire. You get to walk around with the private knowledge that you're hiding a saucy surprise and I truly believe that knowledge can put a super confident perspective on your day!

It's personal, it's sharable, it's lovely.

If you're local to me (just north of the Greater Toronto Area), you can find a variety of my fave designers (many of which are made in Canada) at my favourite sexy boutique Coup de Foudre Lingerie in Aurora, Ontario. I guarantee you will find pieces you love.

Planning a boudoir/intimate/beauty photography session with me (or anyone else)?

Please do check out my Pinterest Boards HERE for more inspiration.

Pins are also an awesome way to communicate with me the look, feel, and elements you would love in your dream session so feel free to build your own boards and share them with me!

Can't wait to play daring dress up with you!

Love, Light, & Gratitude,







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