• Nikki Jones

Creating Bliss in the Bedroom

A soulful look at the energy in your zen den.

Okay, so we all know that getting a good nights sleep is like THE most important thing you can possibly do with you life. The End. Period. I can't even list the number of times I have heard this fact in my lifetime so I won't go into details here. We get it.

But did you know the environment you create in the boudoir can have a huge impact on your ability to catch those beloved Zzz's? It also affects the way you go about... not sleeping... in the bedroom... if you catch my drift.

Feng Shui is all about the energy you surround yourself with; how the space you create in your physical environment impacts the space you hold in your mind. The way your home looks and feels has a significant relationship to your overall wellbeing. Making your bedroom a sanctuary within your home can be a total game changer in your life. Uncluttered room = uncluttered mind. Sounds pretty important when it comes to the place you spend about half your life, am-i-right?

Cortisol (the stress hormone) has a huge influence on your ability to rest, and having a messy bedroom raises your cortisol levels, which is no bueno when trying to get a solid slumber. Then, when you don't sleep, it elevates cortisol levels more for the next night, throwing you into a continuous cycle of tossing and turning for nights on end. Cortisol is also a libido killer. I even read one stat that said women physically cannot orgasm under intense levels of stress. Very bad bedroom juju! For a sensual space, it's so important to create a positive, calming energy before putting on the moves.

We've gotten a little off track, but here are some tips and tricks from Feng Shui experts (not me) to take control of your bedroom vibes and create a spiritual, relaxing, and loving space:

1. Get rid of the tech. No watching TV (particularly the news) in the bedroom. Keep your phone away from your head. You can even turn off your wifi before bed. Unplug. Limit the amount of electrical waves in your space at night; high EMFTs create restlessness.

2. Choose 'skin-tone' colours. Beige, white, pale yellows, earthy browns, etc. These are the most restful to the eyes and mind. Personalize with accents of colour, and I recommend enlisting the professional advice of a stylist here to help you pick the right tones to set the mood.

3, Even pairs of everything. When you sleep with a partner, it creates balance in the relationship to have balance in the bedroom. 2 Pillows, 2 Nightstands, 2 Lamps, etc.

4. Place the bed in a "commanding" position. This means, from your bed, you should have a view of the entire space, including the door, without being directly opposite (facing) the door. Also, no beds under windows. This is based in both human survival instincts and sense of security, as well as protecting your chi (loosely - energy).

5. Let the bedroom breathe! Open windows when possible; let in the natural light and fresh air. Let the farts out. (Kidding. Kinda). Alternatively, try smudging; burning sage or Palo Santo, or diffusing essential oils to cleanse the air.

6. Make it smell goooood. This is so important. Scent is so strongly connected to the pleasure centres in our brain so it has the power to shift our mood immediately. Certain scents can also produce a sexual response creating a more enticing environment for intimacy. Some naturally erotic scents include vanilla, sandalwood, cinnamon, citrus, and almond.

Hopefully this helps you create a super loving haven in your home. I feel so much more chill instantly after putting these into action. Of course, everyone is different and sleeps differently, so follow these guidelines and do what feels best for you. Bliss in the bedroom = better living for everyone.

Love, Light, & Gratitude,







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