• Nikki Jones

Happy Birthday Mom

Today is my mom's birthday.

I was going to blog about all moms today in anticipation for Mother's Day, but it's just going to have to wait a week because today is MY mother's day.

I wanted to create a blog that summed up just how magical and important she is in my life (and my sister's and my father's).

Mothers play this huge role in many of our lives being the backbone of their families. In many homes they serve as the gatekeepers of nutrition, education, and set an example for how we treat others. They are creators of life, nurturers of dreams, and seem to know the best remedies for everything that ails us from mosquito bites to diarrhea. Mom's are unicorns.

But as I sat down to compose this post, I really couldn't find the right way to summarize exactly what my mother means to me. She makes me feel special, encourages my crazy ambitions (even the ones that people just don't get), and is fully my biggest fan. She's my favourite person to shop with, share recipes with, and celebrate successes with.

Still. These words aren't enough to articulate how strong, empowering, and life changing my mother is. I've been sitting here racking my brain and that's when I realized that I should probably not be spending my time writing about how much I love my mom.. I should just go show her.

So we're cutting this blog short. I'm out of here to go make some yummy Mexican food. My mom's only request today.

Take this opportunity to pick up the phone and call someone who makes you feel like you can do anything. Tell them how important they are to you, shine a big bright, warm light into their day, and mirror just a little bit of that goodness that they bring into your life.

Love, Light, & Gratitude,


Ps. Next week I will be sharing insights from other mothers; tips, hacks, stories, and honesty on all things "mom-ing". Please send yours to n.millard@hotmail.com - all submissions will be annonymous. The goal is to share a little love between mom's this Mother's Day and create a space of sharing, support, and silliness.






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