• Nikki Jones

Living with Purpose

"I am the master of my fate. I am the captain of my soul"

- William Ernest Henley (Invictus)

Do you ever consider your purpose? Do you have a vision for yourself?

Do you know your "why" that drives you through every decision you make?

Do you know yourself?

Lately I have been fully obsessed with listening to bodybuilder motivation videos while I run, drive, and edit. I am so fuelled by the intensity of the words and the mantras that inspire people physically. I get seriously pumped up by the words "I can. I will. I must", particularly when shouted in deep voice by an extremely disciplined human boulder. Arnold Schwarzenegger teaches that to achieve this physique it takes mental strength and VISION. You must visualize yourself having the end result to motivate yourself to take the steps required to get there.

It got me thinking about how clear we are on the physical ambitions we wish to obtain, but we're not always so clear on who we want to be, or how we will choose to behave to reflect our living purpose. Physically, if we want to be a fit, healthy person we move our bodies and fuel it with nutrient rich foods. But when you want to grow into the best possible you, the vision of who that is often gets lost. It is important to explore your inner being and what you want to give to the world. Find your gifts, master them, and share them.

If you can visualize the person you want to be and what you wish to become, you empower your life with intention behind all activity. And I'm not just talking about your job. It's absolutely important that you love what you do for a living (you spend a lot of time at work so you mustn't be miserable), but when I talk about purpose, I'm speaking in a greater sense than just your job. The Buddha teaches a concept called Dharma; loosely translated - your divine calling (and so much more). When we share our unique gifts and talents with the world, we experience a type of bliss that is said to be the ultimate goal for our human experience. (More info on this HERE if you're interested).

You deserve to accomplish all that you can dream, but you can not take the massive action needed until you understand who you really are, and WHY you must achieve it.

If you have meaning and purpose, you are unstoppable.

How can you tune in?

Get quiet and listen to your intuition. Your inner wisdom has answers for you.

Meditate. This can be seated, or moving. Walking meditations are powerful.

Get unplugged. No digital distractions to pull your mind into other directions. This rule is non-negotiable. DO NOT DISTURB this time with yourself.

Keep a journal. Observe your thoughts and see where ideas repeat themselves. What feels good to imagine being true for you?

List your talents. Consider how you can serve others by using your gifts.

Spend time in nature to connect with the universe. You are a biological piece of this planet and you can learn more than I can possibly express by spending time with Mother Earth.

Keep in mind, you may have many 'callings'. Your purpose may be ever changing; it flows.

My purpose is to help people see themselves as the person they desire to be. Images that capture them as they want to be seen. That is my business, that is my current purpose, and that is my passion. I facilitate the reshaping of the identity of my fellow humans.

Powerful. Free. Wise. Warrior. Rockstar. Sensual. Playful. Funny. Joyful. Mysterious. Legendary. What do you want to be? Who do you want to be?!

No one gets to decide your identity for you unless you let them. People may tell you you're small, weak, unworthy, but that is not you unless you allow it to penetrate your psyche and accept it for truth. So instead make your own truth! Take control of your identity. Don't let anyone tell you who or what you are.

When you actually see yourself as you wish to be, you can better affirm that identity and manifest it into your very being.

"Decide what to be and go be it."

- The Avett Brothers

For you to visualize the life you want, you MUST see yourself in the role you desire. This is how I serve others. My work is crafted to facilitate that spiritual connection with the self. Although the term "boudoir" has become widely known and accepted as the title of this genre, to me it is soul portraiture. Images of self-love, of embracing the fiery being who is inside of you that we get to unleash on the world together. Crafting visuals for people to see themselves as magic, so they can grow into exactly who they want to be, brings me so much joy.

Please don't waste this one precious life. Fill your days with purpose. Find adventures that make you feel alive, excited, and energetic! Experiment with different things until you find the things that bring you joy. Go out and suck at a bunch of activities! Fall over in a yoga class, trip tap dancing, lose at tennis. Keep playing and failing until you find what you're motivated to get really really good at.

Find the things that light you up, the places that make you feel fully alive, and spend more time there. Connect with yourself and learn who you are so you can be it wholeheartedly and unapologetically with every single move you make.

Love, Light, & Gratitude,







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