• Nikki Jones

Make Those Resolutions Stick. (For Real This Time...)

Hellooo February!

Okay, so, let's be real.

It's that time of the year when we tend to start saying goodbye to those New Years resolutions. We had the best of intentions when we set them! Knew it was good for us. But the thrill of "new year, new me" seems to wear off right around the rising of the second month and we reach for that second slice (or half) of the pizza.

It's around this time when the "ahhh does it really matter if I get to the gym today?" kicks in, or the "whats the harm in one little smoke?" mentality takes over and we ditch those commitments we made on the first of the year.

Why does this always happen!? How has it become such a cliche?

The problem? Often our resolutions are based on the idea of something as opposed to the actual feeling. We don't fully dive in and examine what achieving this goal really means to us. If you lack clarity on your why, it is very difficult to keep yourself on track when doubt and excuses begin to settle in.

If this sounds like you, I have an idea of something that might stick a little bit better.

And yes, you guessed it. It involves mindset.

When creating goals for yourself, or working towards achieving them, focus on the feel!

While setting your sights on 'losing ten pounds' or 'no drinking for a month', are great goals and striving to get to the gym more often or eat more vegetables are wicked thought processes, if you're head isn't in it in the LONG RUN, you might find yourself running low on willpower come February 1st.

Try this, when setting any sort of goal for yourself. Think about WHY you want this.

What is the goal really really really about? How will it make you FEEL when you achieve it? How will this change your life make you a happier version of yourself?

Picture that version of you! Feel how that person feels! Celebrate that life and the fact that is coming to you!

For example;

Your Goal. Quit smoking

Why? Because you want to be healthier.

Why? Because you care about your body and want to do what is good for it. You know that smoking is not the path to the best body you can possibly have. Smoking robs you of the endurance to do things that you love to do (or would love to start doing!!). You want to feel strong, fit, and fabulous.

How will that make you feel? Like you are an athlete. That you take care of yourself. That you am someone who respects your body and nothing can stop you.

Your new goal. I WANT to be a non smoker because I am a person who loves and takes care of myself and I will not be limited by a negative habit.

Every. single. time. you wake up and your brain starts telling you all the reasons why not to go at your goal full speed, remember the emotion associated with the change.

Can't get your butt out of bed to hit the weights? (Oh my goodness, I am the most tired I have ever been, I should have gone to bed earlier, I probably need more sleep... and I need to get gas.. and its really really cold outside... and I'll take the stairs at work anyways... and maybe I'm still kind of sore from yesterday anyways so...)

Right there! Picture your future life of greatness in your mind, that incredibly awesome version of yourself that you can not wait to become, and get excited about it!

It is so much easier to take continual action on something that has emotion attached; as opposed to a generic number you want to see change on the scale.

Be the you NOW that you can't wait to be in the future.

You got this.

Love, Light, & Gratitude,







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