• Nikki Jones

OTF Transformation Challenge

"If it doesn't challenge you, it doesn't change you."

- Fred Devito (and every trainer ever at Orangetheory Fitness Newmarket-Aurora)

I have been a huge fan and supporter of Orangetheory Fitness for over two years now. I worked there, I made lifelong friends there, and I continue to sweat there at least 3 times a week. Its a second home and I am fully hooked on it.

Starting Monday January 29th, my local studio will be hosting an eight week transformation challenge, and I have decided to participate! Woohoo!

Since telling friends and family about my goal, I have been met with some confusion and a lot of questions, mostly "why do you want to lose weight?". Followed by telling me I don't need to lose weight, or asking my weight loss goal or what my 'ideal weight' is.

I just want to clarify that this challenge is absolutely NOT about a number on a scale. Neither is fitness.

I have often prided myself on how much I eat. I am active and try to move my body every day. Unfortunately though, I have gotten into the mindset of 'I can eat whatever I want' or 'I workout so I get to eat the good stuff (junk!!)'. I love stuffed crust pizza, garlic bread, milk chocolate, sponge toffee, Doritos, and so many other delicious things that aren't always ideal sources of nutrients for my body. (Sorry if I just made you so hungry with that list.. yummm..)

The 8 week challenge, for me, is about changing my mindset; the way I see food, the way I fuel my body, and the way I train to be the healthiest version of myself.

I exercise because I love my body. NOT because I hate it.

My body does so much for me (see blog post on gratitude), and I want to treat it with love and care and give it what it needs.

I am competing in the transformation challenge because I want to see what changes in my body when it is not struggling and using all my energy to digest heavy, processed, refined meals. What will my body look, feel, and perform like when it is given what it really needs and is exercised routinely?! -- with no excuses!

I challenge you to spend the next eight weeks being mindful of your meals and movement with me. See if you can spot any correlation between particular foods and specific feelings in your body (gassy, heavy, energized, etc). Think about (or better yet, EXPLORE) what physical activities make you feel at your best? It is so important to find fitness routines that empower you, challenge you, and force you to be disciplined, strong, and tenacious. If you're new to fitness, I encourage you to get curious - try different things and find something you enjoy. If you hate it, you probably won't stick with it. And ultimately, a regular fitness routine is a lifestyle shift. Work out because you want to treat your body right. Not as punishment. Fitness is something we GET to do, not something we HAVE to do.

Change your mindset and you will change your life!!

Remember to tell your body you love it and take good care of it. It's your home!

Love, Light, & Gratitude,


ps. If you don't know what your body needs or where to start, try Orangetheory Fitness for a nice dose of everything. I would be so happy to catch a class with you. <3






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