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The Heroic Humans

Have you guys met Dana Clark?!

Dana is the founder of Heroic Humans; a new social impact movement based around the ideology of inspiring, celebrating, and empowering members of all communities that are making a difference (in big ways and small -- because the small stuff can be impactful too).

Dana and I recently sat down for some delicious girl talk and tea, and we just chatted about dreams, goals, and how we can show up for the world. One thing lead to another and obviously I insisted on getting the gorgeous girl in front of my camera for a really killer personal branding photoshoot!

Similar to the way I encourage women to cheerlead each other, Dana has taken the same concept on a large scale and talks about elevating everyone around you, whenever you feel called to, through enthusiastic recognition of their contributions. Yaaaass!! From the barista who makes your coffee just right every single time, to humanitarians making big changes in third-world countries - it all matters. Dana knows how important it is that we connect with one another and acknowledge heroism every day. She currently uses online presence and social media as a platform for engaging communities and sharing stories.

Since Dana's personal heroes include some of the 'leading ladies' in her life, including her mother and grandmother, we felt it was important to have them participate in sharing her story when creating our images -- meaning I got to spend the day with some rock star women and create beautiful generational portraits for them.

This woman is a fierce trailblazer, risk taker, AND she shares my affinity for alliteration (Fearless Females, Heroic Humans -- how much more aligned could we be?!), so I wanted to share her with you and to give you an opportunity to spread this movement and honour the heroes in your life.

Please welcome Dana Clark, Founder of Heroic Humans, to the blog.

Hi Dana!

I love to learn what really lights people up and sets a fire in them to do something different or pursue a life that makes them feel alive, so let's start by asking this;

If you could use only three words to define the person you want to be, what would they be?

Powerful, Vulnerable, Impactful

Explain what it's like to be growing a movement. What does the day-to-day of Heroic Humans look like right now?

Heroic Humans creates a space where people from all around the world can write into the website/social media and acknowledge the special people in their lives. These special people are then celebrated and recognized on our website and on social media.

This movement is creating a social community for storytelling, humanity, celebration and inspiration. As of recent, Heroic Humans has been putting on a series of workshops in several communities to celebrate local Heroic Humans, to share motivation and empowerment through raw connections and vulnerability, and to ultimately root us in the things that truly matter.

I think it’s fair to say that Heroic Humans is kind of your own beautiful way to serve your community. What is the most important message you want to share using this movement?

The message I think is most important is that Humanity is complicated, beautiful, unique and oh-so-real. Connect with the people around you, and always talk to the person in line behind you! You never know what you can learn.

You say, “heroism comes in all forms”, what determines the Heroic Humans you choose to acknowledge and celebrate?

For me, it’s about creating the platform for people to celebrate and acknowledge other people. So yes, I post these recognitions and encourage others to write-in and tell me about their Heroic Humans, but the truth is that it’s the community who’s essentially choosing these people, and that’s what makes it so beautiful.

How do you think this will impact the way we empower ourselves and others?

My hope is that we start celebrating the small things, in addition to the big things, to be able to see our self worth and the worth in others. I think it’s powerful to impact others, and powerful to also be able to acknowledge yourself. These are the things that will make a long lasting change.

Who inspires you?

Something that I’ve been loving lately is Oprah’s Podcast. I listen to it everywhere I go. I think it’s so important to constantly be learning new things, hearing other people’s stories, and learning from other people’s mistakes/successes and vulnerabilities/strengths. It’s important to remind yourself that we are all human, and we more than likely have more in common than we think.

I also love the Author Mitch Albom. Two of his books, “The Five People You Meet In Heaven” and “Tuesdays With Morrie” are books that I could read time and time again. They’re like a guide to humanity and love! They always inspire me.

And of course, my Mom.

It was really special to have your mom and grandma at the first ever official Heroic Humans photoshoot! Why did you think it was important to include them?

For me, there was no question. They are my people. Those two women give me so much strength, and are behind me in whatever I do, 100% of the time. Us as a trio gives me so much solidarity and joy! It’s truly special.

Many women seem to acknowledge their mom/ sister/ grandmother as their hero(ine). What do you feel it is about the women in our lives that makes them so magical?

Women are amazing! They are strong, sensitive, passionate, determined and the utmost deserving of celebration. They are the pillars of strength that hold families together – we wouldn’t be here without them!

How can people take action after reading this, and start living heroically TODAY?!

Follow your passions. Follow that thing that lights you up. And follow your heart in whatever direction it takes you. Live Heroically by living as your authentic self, and by treating others with the same kindness and respect we all deserve. All we need is to be heard, seen and loved, and I think if we remember that – anything is possible.

Thanks, Dana!

You can nominate a local Heroic Human HERE and show someone just how much they matter.

Love, Light, & Gratitude,


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