You're So Cool.

You can't help yourself. You stand out from the crowd. You're bold, ambitious, badass even,

and you need photography that's just as outstanding as you are.

Meet Nikki Jones - me! Your go-to photographer for portraits & product shots, both in-studio and on-location.

And I want to make you look good.

I'm passionate about helping others achieve magazine-worthy photography experiences and iconic images, whether it be for their personal or professional lives.

Images play a huge role in how we see ourselves and the world - you deserve to have photographs you love that will elevate your confidence, your successes, and your life.

Photography is how we live forever. Let me help you become legendary.

Photographs are you, and your life, as art.

Meet Nikki Jones


That's me!
A Content Creator and Digital Artist.
I create imagery for the soulful people and brands who want art that is intentional, creative, and just plain cool.

I have had the pleasure of training under some of the best creators in a variety of industries including Kara Marie Trombetta (beauty & boudoir), Peter Hurley (headshots), Matt Barnes (commercial), and Amanda Campeanu (products), to develop an incredibly unique skillset to make you (and your products) look good.
Like, really good.

Let's make you look iconic, baby.

Nikki Jones Studio is located at 55 Leonard Rd., Schomberg, ON

Serving clients worldwide.

Photography Sessions & Consultations are available by appointment only.