Tell me about the goods.

You did it! You created a badass product that people are going to absolutely love and now you need some images to help you get the word out.

The truth is, people don't just buy things -- we buy experiences, feelings, and end results. We spend our money on goods and services that will add value to our lives and, simply put, that will make us feel good. Imagery is more important than ever when it comes to choosing what we buy because visuals influence emotions in a way no product description ever can.

I will help you do exactly this. I help brands create visual content that allows clients to see, taste, hear, and / or feel your product with their eyes so they can imagine it in their hands. I will help you elevate your brand's identity to build loyalty and increase sales.

Invest in visual content that helps your client see and feel why they need your product in their lives.


Creative commercial photography packages are completely customized to meet the unique wish list of each client and brand.

The more information you can provide regarding your brand and your visual needs, the better I can customize the perfect creative package for you and create the perfect images to connect with your future customers!

*This questionnaire is intended for stylized images / videos and is not required for classic e-commerce photography.

(This will be used for invoices, gallery links, contracts, etc.)

Tell me a little about what makes the brand / product special. Understanding your WHY can help me tell your story visually.

Provide three words that describe how your brand looks & feels (ie. colourful, earthy, minimalist, etc.)

What colour backgrounds / props do you want to see used in your images?

Links to Pinterest boards, websites, Instagram accounts etc. that inspire the images / mood you want to create.

Specific items, ingredients, backgrounds, etc. that you would love to see used.

What assets are you looking to create (flatlays, e-commerce, creative content, animation / video)?

This includes, but is not limited to, on-figure e-commerce, hand modelling, lifestyle "in-use", etc.

What specific crops / aspect ratios do you need for your content?

Where do you intend to primarily use these images (social media, website, billboard, printed ads.)?

Approximately how many SKUs do you need photographed?

Do you have a budget in mind?