Full-Service Productions and Content Creation for Iconic Brands

From end-to-end, we take care of every little detail. Nikki Jones Studio offers a full-service client experience including Pre-Production, Product Styling, Photography, Stop-Motion Creation, Hand Modelling, Post-Production, and anything else you need for the customized content production of your dreams.

Visual identity IS branding. Your photo and video content is the face of your brand. It is the first thing your audience sees when getting to know your products and it will make or break their decision to learn more about you.

Engaging visual content is key in building your brand's identity, emotionally connecting with your audience, and ultimately creating loyal customers.

Nikki Jones images are for brands that want to be iconic. From high-end perfectly retouched e-commerce images to your scroll-stopping styled creatives, I will help your customers fall utterly in love with your brand.



You worked hard to create a something that the world will love and e-commerce photography helps you sell it.

Clean lighting, simple background, and minimal styling (or none at all) displays your product clearly with no distractions.

Your products looking their best

Lifestyle Content

These shots help consumers experience your products.

Lifestyle photography includes on-brand props, ingredients, backgrounds, models, and anything else needed to engage your clients with the taste, smell, and feel the your product.


Studio Creatives

Perfectly lit, styled, photographed, and retouched.

These are the photographs you adorn your website with. They're the ones you put in magazines, print ads, and billboards.

These images build brand identity and help your clients fall in love.



Let's add a little motion to your photography package.
Stop-motion, animations, movement (pours, drips, splashes, etc.), and GIFs add eye-catching appeal to your website and social media.
These short videos help captivate your audience.